Starting your day with freshly pressed juices not only makes you feel refreshed, but also energetic! Reshma Kane Pallod, a social entrepreneur and co-founder of HalfTheGrid, lives a toxin-free and sustainable lifestyle. She shows us how to make a healthy juice with minimalistic ingredients. Popularly known as the “ABC Juice”, this drink is a bundle of health benefits. The ingredients used have immunity boosting and detoxifying properties. They also stimulate the metabolic system and help in digestion! Don’t miss our IGTV video for an informative Q&A on living a toxin-free life and suggestions on small ways we can eliminate toxins on a day-today basis!





salt, to taste

lemon, to taste


Step 1

Take equal parts of apple, beetroot, and carrot. Blend it well in a mixer and and strain (optional). Add some salt and lemon for taste!