Molagapodi is an integral part of South India’s rich array of chutney powders.  My bhua (aunt) from Chennai, India makes the best Molagapodi powder.  It is spicy and tasty with hot steaming idli’s, dosa, uttapam, and the list continues.  This family owned recipe has been loved by every generation and we are very excited to share with you all.


2 cups split chickpea (chana dal)

1 cup split yellow lentils (mogar dal)

1 cup organic black gram lentils (urad dal)

1 tsp asafoetida (hing)

10-15 dry red chili

1 tsp cumin seeds

10gm tamarind

2 tbsp oil



Step 1

Heat oil in a medium-sized non-stick pan and add the split chickpea. Dry roast until it turns golden- brown in color and keep aside in a bowl. In the same pan, heat oil and dry roast the split yellow lentils until it turns golden- brown in color and keep aside in a separate bowl. Follow the same process for roasting the organic black gram lentils. Now, turn the gas off and while the pan is still hot, roast the red chilies, cumin seeds, tamarind, and salt together.

Step 2

Grind all the roasted ingredients together until the powder gets the texture of semolina and sieve the powder. Make sure you don’t grind it excessively.

Step 3

Heat some oil in a pan and pour that in the powder. Mix well and pour in a small bowl to serve!