Rasgulla is a traditional Bengali sweet loved by people all over India. This juicy, milk based dessert is addictive, spongy, and absolutely delicious. You cannot satisfy your cravings with just one since these are simply irresistible. Making rasgullas can be tricky so it’s very important to get the measurements and texture right. Anita Ajmera, founder of Madhuram Sweets, has been making Indian sweets and desserts for the last 20 years. She demonstrates a simple 3 step process for mastering this dish. Be sure to check out our IGTV live to follow through every step and to ensure you’re doing it right!


1 gallon whole milk

1 tsp citric acid/ vinegar/ lemon

2 cups sugar

4 litres water

1/2 cup water


Step 1

Boil the milk in a pot. Take citric acid and mix with 1/2 cup water. After the milk boils, turn off the stove and add the citric acid mixture slowly to the milk, stirring the milk continuously. Allow the milk to curdle completely until you see the chenna and whey separate out. Strain this using a muslin cloth. Pour running cold water on the chenna to cool it off and squeeze the muslin cloth to drain out all the water.

Step 2

Put sugar in a pot with 4 litres of water and bring to a boil. Place the chenna from the muslin cloth on a plate and knead it using your palms for 5 minutes or until the chenna is smooth and free of lumps. You can also knead it in a food processor. Divide the chenna into small parts and roll each piece into small balls between your palms. Then, put the chenna balls into the boiling sugar water and cover the pot. Let it boil for 20 minutes and stir occasionally.

Step 3

When the rasgullas become double the size of the original balls, turn off the gas and let them cool. After they have cooled, transfer the rasgullas into a bowl and sprinkle them with some rose water. Refrigerate and serve chilled!