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Poonam Jain

Love of food, Love of friends and Love of travel. I have traveled far and wide all over the world focusing on fusing Asian Foods with Western delicacies. I have called the New York city area home for the last 20 years. Cooking with fresh ingredients everyday satisfies my soul and gives me and my family happiness at every meal.  I love experimenting in my kitchen and cooking for my husband and children who truly enjoy taking the food journey with me.

To me life is all about the small moments and making them memorable.  I am here to capture those with you.  Let’s take you to GOSSIP ABOUT FOOD with endless conversations with amazing people around the world.

Vaibhav Sethi

Contributor, Restaurant Section

When Poonam asked me to create a website focused on restaurants, I had the perfect idea. Why not create an easy-to-access, highly curated database of the best restaurants that specifically cater to a vegetarian palate. Having grown up in New York City, I’ve had the good fortune of dining at the world’s best restaurants, but it hasn’t always translated into a great vegetarian experience. Remember that boring plate of steamed vegetables? A trip to the nearest pizza joint would usually follow. Over the years, however, I have also enjoyed some unique, delicious culinary experiences. With my wife, Sonal and two kids, Soham and Sia, we are always on the lookout for the next great dining establishment.

On this website, we seek to create a database of restaurants that are not just vegetarian focused, but vegetarian-friendly with enough options to enjoy a great meal. For now, this site will be mostly focused on New York City, but over time, we hope to take our reach as far as possible to find the best dining around the globe. We welcome your feedback in the comments section on each restaurant page, whether you disagree with the menu choices or recommend something else, expanding and refining our suggestions will enhance the experience for all.

Gossip About Food

We are fortunate to live in a time where creative people from all different continents can help enjoy incredible dining experiences with each other.  We take inspirations from all over the world to help create recipes that are incredibly diverse and truly our own . Everyone has a unique story or a secret HOT SAUCE to share.  Our goal through my blog is to feature food related conversations with real people and places.  Let’s Gossip about the culinary world, wholesome and nutritious recipes, signature dishes, our go to ingredients, dinner dates, house parties, restaurants all over the world.



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