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Black-eyed Beans, Spinach and Fenugreek Dhoklas by Mamta Runwal

2020 for me started with amazing healthy eating habits and exercising regularly.  I have moved to more and more plant-based diet and less and less of processed food. I plan my meals around plant-based foods derived from plants, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and fruits. This recipe is a classic example of plant-based meal, enriched with protein, fiber and vitamin C. Makes a satisfying snack for kids and adults at anytime of the day.

Rasam by Sneha Jain

Rasam is one of my favorite South Indian dish when I travel to Bangalore, India.  Rasam is mainly prepared with tomatoes and spices.  Its served with steamed rice or can be enjoyed as a soup.  Rasam is absolutely comforting and a perfect meal during cold winter days for kids and adults.  My friend Sneha Jain makes the best Rasam for her friends and family.  Sneha’s Rasam recipe will truly keep you warm this winter and you will crave to make it often.

Sprouted Matki Salad

Sprouted Matki or Moth Beans Salad.  I simply love this salad because it makes raw mango and carrots so delightful to eat and the roasted peanut gives a nice crunch.  Its always my favorite for lunch or during afternoon tea time. This is our version of slaw with steamed sprouts.  Always a hit at any party!!!



Lets gossip with Asha Ranka

In conversation with the conscientious, highly balanced and always smiling Asha Ranka, partner at Ranka Jewellers, CMO of "Chosen By Tejpal Ranka".  Asha has an amazing sense of humor and zen attitude towards every situation.  Her ability to take firm decisions, to...