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Korean Bibimbap by Manjri Agarwal

In Korean, Bibim means mix and bap means rice. Bibimbap is a very popular Korean dish made of mixed rice that is loved by all. Manjri Agarwal is a certified health coach, a food writer with two published cookbooks, a columnist at The Telegraph, the founder of Bigplatesmallplate, and is now exploring the deep roots of Ayurveda. According to her the best part about the recipe is that it is extremely versatile and has many variations. Check out our IGTV Live to know more about the different ways you can make this dish.

Summer Fruit Shortcake Scones by Shivangi Surana

Soft, buttery, and golden topped with fresh strawberries, mangoes and delicious whipped cream, these shortcake scones are the ultimate treat! Shivangi Surana is a chef and the founder of Dessert Lane. She comes from a generation of jewelers who initially weren’t too keen on her working in a cut-throat environment of male dominated kitchens. Being passionate about food, Shivangi broke stereotypes and moved to New York to learn techniques, practices, and lessons both inside and outside the kitchen from world class chefs. Her childhood dream of baking turned into reality when she built Dessert Lane based in Jaipur. Don’t miss out IG Live to know more about her journey and for some amazing tips on how to make these delicious scones melt in your mouth!

Sindhi Kadhi by Piyu Tejwani

Sindhi Kadhi is a tangy amalgamation of fresh vegetables served with steamed rice. Piyu Tejwani, a food enthusiast, shares with us her family recipe of this delicious Kadhi. Watch our IGTV live to know more about the variety of vegetables that can be used and for some quick tips while making this dish!


Palak Paneer Gnocchi by Neha Bhide

“Nothing can transport you to happy memories of the past like the aroma of certain foods can!”- Neha Bhide. Neha Bhide, a perfectionist and a passionate cook, is a chemical engineer and a food science graduate. She has worked as a product development scientist and now works for a global food company in New York. Neha believes that cooking is an art – it’s beautiful, meditative, entertaining and has tremendous emotional power. While experimenting in the kitchen, she decided to give gnocchi a fusion twist and make a palak paneer gnocchi. After many failed attempts and playing around with various ingredients, she shares with us the perfected recipe! Be sure to watch our IGTV live for some quick tips on making the gnocchi!


Let’s Gossip with Anela Pasovic

I first met Anela 20 years ago at my college library and her beautiful smile and friendly attitude caught my attention. We instantly became friends for life. Her positive attitude is highly contagious, she lights up the room at every occasion and makes connections for life.  Anela is fearless, courageous, powerful and risk taker.  Her confident personality towards life has personally inspired me. Anela talks about her recent venture, love for her daughters and how she balances between work and motherhood.