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Pad Thai

There are many versions of Pad Thai.  I have lived in Bangkok enough and traveled around Asia to come up with this authentic recipe and have experimented several times in my kitchen.  The key is to stir the noodles gently and spice it up based on your preference. I love adding generous amount of lemon juice, Thai chili and crushed peanuts when i make it for myself. Few ingredients are totally optional and I have only added for nutritional purpose.

Spicy Asian Broccoli with Farro

This is one of my favorite ways to eat and serve spicy steamed broccoli with perfectly cooked farro. As you all know I love barley and this grain is similar to barley but has a much denser texture. This salad needs to be chilled for 1-2 hours before serving during hot summer days.  You could easily turn this salad into a warm stir fry during the winter season.

Bengali Rasgulla by Anita Ajmera

Rasgulla is a traditional Bengali sweet loved by people all over India. This juicy, milk based dessert is addictive, spongy, and absolutely delicious. You cannot satisfy your cravings with just one since these are simply irresistible. Making rasgullas can be tricky so it’s very important to get the measurements and texture right. Anita Ajmera, founder of Madhuram Sweets, has been making Indian sweets and desserts for the last 20 years. She demonstrates a simple 3 step process for mastering this dish. Be sure to check out our IGTV live to follow through every step and to ensure you’re doing it right!


Shengdana (Peanut) Chutney by Mamta Runwal

Jaysingpur, my first home is in the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra, India.   My love for Jaysingpur cannot be described in words. My childhood was filled with fun and delicious food with my nana, nani and extended family members. This shengdana chutney is a staple and must have condiment in every household in Jaysingpur and all over Maharashtra. I remember going to Bahubali temple near Kolhapur which is another famous Jain pilgrimage and they served spicy shengdana chutney as a side with the temple food to all the visitors. That chutney was the best!!! I love how food is associated with so many beautiful places we visit with our family members.  Those days were the golden days and now we just enjoy the recipes shared by my lovely Mamta mamisa that keeps us connected and relive the moments.


Lets gossip with Asha Ranka

In conversation with the conscientious, highly balanced and always smiling Asha Ranka, partner at Ranka Jewellers, CMO of "Chosen By Tejpal Ranka".  Asha has an amazing sense of humor and zen attitude towards every situation.  Her ability to take firm decisions, to...