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Tiramisu by Meeta Ghuwalewala

Tiramisu is everyone’s favorite dessert. Meeta Ghuwalewala, a certified life coach and pranic healer shares this simple recipe that can be assembles within minutes and can satisfy your sweet cravings. You can always substitute your choice of biscuits or cakes to assemble the Tiramisu. If you are planning to make for kids you could certainly avoid the rum.  You can always view the step by step assembly of this dessert on our IGTV LIVE.

Dumpling Wrappers and Hot Sauce by Neha Shah

Learn the art of perfecting the dumpling wrappers at home and forget about buying the frozen store-bought forever.  Neha Shah, co-founder of Meraaki Kitchen and Cafe White Sage shares her love for cooking with viewers around the world. Neha is inspired by her travels and loves connecting through food with people. Her love for momos and determination to make the perfect skin or wrappers continues. Neha shared with us beautiful twin shaded dumpling wrappers recipe made by adding beetroot juice to the dough and spicy hot sauce.

Malpua Indian Sweet by Sharda Aunty Kotahwala

Malpua is a sweet Indian dessert served during special occasions and festivals in India. Sharda Aunty Kotahwala started making Malpua’s in 1961 when she got married.  Aunties bite sized Malpua’s are loved by the entire New York community and her family members.  Sharda aunty is always beautifully dressed in her Indian sarees, pearl jewelry and my favorite her hair bun. This family owned recipe was shared with us on IGTV on Friday, May 21, 2020.


Chocolate Cupcakes and Chocolate Frosting by Priyanka Mehta

We all love baking and eating chocolate cakes or cupcakes. My favorite is the chocolate frosting.  Priyanka Mehta has mastered this recipe and has made the cupcakes several times for her kids and guest.  Priyanka shared with us few amazing tips on how to keep all the dry ingredients in an air tight container as a box mix cake which could be pulled out anytime we are ready to bake.  Watch the full IGTV video on my Instagram for additional details on how to store the cake mix. Priyanka is a fabulous baker and a super mommy of three beautiful kids. Enjoy baking and frosting!


Lets gossip with Asha Ranka

In conversation with the conscientious, highly balanced and always smiling Asha Ranka, partner at Ranka Jewellers, CMO of "Chosen By Tejpal Ranka".  Asha has an amazing sense of humor and zen attitude towards every situation.  Her ability to take firm decisions, to...