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Freshly Pressed Juices and Immunity Boosting Candy By Reshma Kane Pallod

A candy a day keeps the doctors away! Reshma Kane Pallod, a social entrepreneur and co-founder of HalfTheGrid, has been living a toxin-free and sustainable lifestyle. She shares with us an extremely simple immunity boosting candy which is bundled with health benefits. Reshma also shows us detoxifying freshly pressed juices which are great to consume on an empty stomach, before you start your day! These juices balance the alkalinity levels in your body, help with acidity, and even hangovers! Don’t miss our IGTV video for an informative Q/A on living a toxin-free life and suggestions on small ways we can eliminate toxins on a day-today basis!

Infused Teas by Reshma Kane Pallod

Globally, there has been a transformation in one’s perspective on wellness. Awareness about a healthy body and mind has increased rapidly, resulting in more conscious and calculated consumption of food. Reshma Kane Pallod, a former data analyst and strategist at Wall Street, a social entrepreneur, and the co-founder of HalfTheGrid, has adopted a sustainable and toxin free lifestyle. Her mantra is to bring balance in whatever you. Reshma shows us three luxury infused teas which have amazing health benefits and are super quick to make. Don’t miss our IGTV live where she gives some helpful tips on home gardening and also talks about medicinal plants, their benefits, and how we can use them in our day to lives.  

Maharashtrian Thecha, Red Garlic Chutney, and Sprouted Pancakes by Jyotsna Lunkad

I absolutely love Maharashtrian food. With a strong blend of spices, Maharashtrian dishes are spicy, fiery, and flavorful. Jyotsna Lunkad, a passionate learner and a perfectionist, has grown up in Maharashtra. She teaches us how to make authentic Maharashtrian style Thecha (chilli paste) and Garlic Chutney. Jyotsna also shares with us her version of a super quick and healthy Sprouted Pancake. Be sure to watch our IGTV video for some helpful tips while making the chutneys and to know more about variations that come with the pancakes!


Cannellini Bean Soup, Hummus, and Crostini by Chandani Jain

Cannellini Beans is a traditional white Italian bean, also known as white kidney beans. These legumes have a number of health benefits with their high levels of fiber, proteins, and micronutrients. Apart from lowering blood sugar and blood pressure, these beans also balance fluids in the body and fight cell damage and inflammation. Chandani Jain is a super fun and talented cook who loves dancing and teaching young kids. Her creativity enables her to explore different ways to tweak up regular, everyday dishes. In a quest to add more natural protein to her diet, she came across Cannellini Beans. Chandani shares with us three very simple and quick ways of using Cannellini Beans in a soup, as a dip, and as a crostini topping! Don’t miss watching our IGTV video for some helpful tips on planning protein based meals for kids and adults. 


Let’s Gossip with Anela Pasovic

I first met Anela 20 years ago at my college library and her beautiful smile and friendly attitude caught my attention. We instantly became friends for life. Her positive attitude is highly contagious, she lights up the room at every occasion and makes connections for life.  Anela is fearless, courageous, powerful and risk taker.  Her confident personality towards life has personally inspired me. Anela talks about her recent venture, love for her daughters and how she balances between work and motherhood.