Tiramisu by Meeta Ghuwalewala

Tiramisu is everyone’s favorite dessert. Meeta Ghuwalewala, a certified life coach and pranic healer shares this simple recipe that can be assembles within minutes and can satisfy your sweet cravings. You can always substitute your choice of biscuits or cakes to assemble the Tiramisu. If you are planning to make for kids you could certainly avoid the rum.  You can always view the step by step assembly of this dessert on our IGTV LIVE.

Dumpling Wrappers and Hot Sauce by Neha Shah

Learn the art of perfecting the dumpling wrappers at home and forget about buying the frozen store-bought forever.  Neha Shah, co-founder of Meraaki Kitchen and Cafe White Sage shares her love for cooking with viewers around the world. Neha is inspired by her travels and loves connecting through food with people. Her love for momos and determination to make the perfect skin or wrappers continues. Neha shared with us beautiful twin shaded dumpling wrappers recipe made by adding beetroot juice to the dough and spicy hot sauce.

Malpua Indian Sweet by Sharda Aunty Kotahwala

Malpua is a sweet Indian dessert served during special occasions and festivals in India. Sharda Aunty Kotahwala started making Malpua’s in 1961 when she got married.  Aunties bite sized Malpua’s are loved by the entire New York community and her family members.  Sharda aunty is always beautifully dressed in her Indian sarees, pearl jewelry and my favorite her hair bun. This family owned recipe was shared with us on IGTV on Friday, May 21, 2020.

Chocolate Cupcakes and Chocolate Frosting by Priyanka Mehta

We all love baking and eating chocolate cakes or cupcakes. My favorite is the chocolate frosting.  Priyanka Mehta has mastered this recipe and has made the cupcakes several times for her kids and guest.  Priyanka shared with us few amazing tips on how to keep all the dry ingredients in an air tight container as a box mix cake which could be pulled out anytime we are ready to bake.  Watch the full IGTV video on my Instagram for additional details on how to store the cake mix. Priyanka is a fabulous baker and a super mommy of three beautiful kids. Enjoy baking and frosting!

Burmese Samusa Soup by Pooja Ghodawat

This Burmese soup packs a punch of flavors with large variety of spices.  One must have all the ingredients to make this delicious lentil based soup with fried samosa’s. You will fall in love with Pooja Ghodawat’s recipe its light, crunchy and delicious.

Vegetarian Chili by Ruchi Kothari

Full of colorful vegetables with red and black beans, this flavorful vegetarian chili contains all the elements of a satisfying and delicious Mexican dish. Ruchi Kothari, expert college admissions advisor shared with us this healthy recipe. Ruchi didi mentioned how its a wholesome meal for the kids and adults with full of nutrition.

Dhaansaak and Rice by Lalita Surana

Lalita Aunty makes the best Dhaansaak. Aunty shared her secret recipe with Gossip About Food and how she prepared this wholesome dish to feed her four beautiful daughters when they were growing up.  Her trick was to add all the vegetables, greens and lentils in one dish which is not only healthy but absolutely delicious and flavorful.

Cardamom Pistachio Carrot Cake by Shivangi Surana

When carrot cake meets carrot halwa the cardamom pistachio carrot cake is born says, Shivangi Surana, chef and founder of Dessert Lane from Jaipur, India.  Shivangi moved to New York City to work with two incredible chefs — Dominique Ansel and Jean-George Vongerichten. Shivangi built Dessert Lane with the objective to touch people through food, passion and culture. She is grateful for being able to achieve her dreams and create sweet treats everyday. Shivangi shared this delicious cake recipe with Gossip About Food.

Kabuli Chana Bhel By Ruchi Kotahwala

Kabuli bhel has become my favorite snack after my friend Ruchi Kotahwala started serving at her house parties.  I always look forward to eating the bhel at her house.  Ruchi makes it absolutely delicious and shared her recipe with Gossip About Food. This bhel can be served at tea time or when hosting parties.  Your guest are sure to fall in love with this recipe.

Risotto by Anshu Sethi

My friend Anshu Sethi makes the best Risotto.  Its light and perfectly cooked.  Anshu’s method is simple and easy to make at any given night.  She says its comfort food at her house and shared with us steps on how to cook the rice slowly to get the perfect texture.

Overnight Oats By Chandni Bhansali

Simplify your breakfast menu by making overnight oats in many different ways.  The recipe can be altered based on your taste, available fruits and super foods in your pantry.  Chandni Bhansali shared with us different variations, discussed health benefits and why its important to incorporate oats to your diet with Gossip About Food.

Sweet and Savory Crepes by Alka Daga

Sweet and Savory crepes for breakfast. Basically, a crepe is a very thin pancake.  Alka Daga shared step by step recipe on how to assemble delicious crepe batter at home with Gossip About Food and showed us how to make sweet and savory versions. Crepes are served with variety of fillings. I love to pair my crepes with Nutella, toasted walnuts and banana.

Semolina Cupcakes by Riya Chordia

Semolina flour cupcakes with lemon flavor.  Great healthy option to bake for kids birthday parties or special events.  Create your own toppings and make it fun if baking with the kids.  Riya Chordia shared with Gossip About Food this healthy recipe that can be assembled very quickly.  Riya showed us fun ways to decorate the cupcakes with very simple techniques.

Mango Sago by Aakriti Jain

Everyone loves the combination of mango and coconut.  This dessert is refreshing during hot summer days and soothing with spicy food, my favorite part when its topped with crushed ice.  Aakriti Jain shared this amazing recipe with Gossip About Food.  Photo credit: Aditi Daga

Lentil Waffles by Rupal and Rhea Kothari

Absolutely love this recipe for its lentils, greens and the creative toppings shared by Rupal and Rhea Kothari with Gossip About Food. These lentil waffles make an excellent afternoon snack. Get creative with the toppings!

Vegan Asparagus Soup by Radha Nigam

Delicious vegan asparagus soup without any cream. I absolutely loved the crunchiness the toasted almonds to every bite of this soup.  This recipe was demonstrated and contributed by Radha Nigam with Gossip About Food

Creamy Israeli Hummus by Spice My Day

We all have different versions and styles of making the hummus.  Ritika Barmecha, fabulous food blogger for Spice My Day shared with Gossip About Food the right way to make fluffy, creamy and healthy Israeli hummus.  Ritika’s blog focuses on  vegetarian, healthy cooking and helpful information on variety of spices in the simplest dishes.

Cabbage Crunch Salad by Tina Kothari

This salad is a great way to use up the left over cabbage. I love the shredded vegetables, toasted nuts and how this can be put together on a whim. My friend Tina Kothari shared this recipe with Gossip About Food. The secret ingredient the toasted maggi is a must to add.  Enjoy the refreshing crunchy salad. 

Cheesecake with Blueberry Sauce By Chandani Daga

Cheesecake with blueberry sauce makes a delicious treat. Chandani Daga, a highly successful vegan and vegetarian culinary chef and owner of CICI’s DELIGHT shared her recipe with Gossip About Food.  Chandani’s recipe is very simple to assemble if all the measurements are mixed as directed.

Chocolate Chip Cookies by Aditi Daga

These chocolate chip cookies are highly addictive. We are warning you to hide few cookies for yourself when you bake them as they will be gone before you know.  Aditi has mastered this recipe and was lovely to share with Gossip About Food. I had a great time making these cookies with my kids.

Summer Gazpacho Soup by Juhee Jhalani

My family can’t get enough of this summer Gazpacho soup, says Juhee Jhalani, licensed psychologist in private practice from New York City.  This simple refreshing soup can be made ahead of time. Traditional Gazpacho is made from all raw vegetables but cooking the vegetables just for a few minutes accentuates their flavor a tad bit. Feel free to make it your own with your family-favorite toppings, said Juhee in her interview with Gossip About Food. Her cheerful personality and passion for life has always been a positive influence to her friends and family members.  Juhee is extremely talented when it comes to anchoring big events, hosting parties and cooking delicious food.

Lock Down Chocolate Cake by Neelima Jain

Lock down chocolate cake. This cake recipe requires no butter, no milk and so easy to make. Neelima Jain, owner of Sweet Temptations shared this recipe with our viewers on Instagram live.  Neelima is known for her creative cakes, desserts, homemade granola’s and delicious Indian sweets. Neelima is a versatile cook, super mom and wife, great friend and always ready to help her friends and family.  Please don’t forget to visit her intsa page @sweettemptationsbyneelu if you are looking to order cakes for special occasions or need healthy granola trail mix.

Immunity Boosting Powder by Neha Shah

Immunity boosting powder shared by Neha Shah to build our immune system.  Neha has mastered and tweaked the recipe to help her friends and family gain health benefits. Neha makes small pouches of the immunity boosting powder for her kids and family members so they can be taken in warm water during travels. She recommends giving the immunity powder to kids with honey or jaggery. 

Healthy Turmeric Shots by Kavita Bafana

This turmeric- ginger shot is absolutely delicious and gives a perfect immunity boost for adults and kids. We all the benefits of these ingredients. Hope you enjoy the recipe and share with your friends and family. Stay healthy and stay home.  Recipe and photo credit: Kavita Bafana

Green Barley Soup

Green soup for the soul. Its full of delicious flavors and can be treated as full meal.  I often use barley in my soups.  You can also add pasta to this soup if you are planning to make for the kids.  The vegetable stock is absolutely a must for this recipe. You can always use the vegetables of your choice.

Fresh Coconut Barfi by Mamta Runwal

Coconut Barfi brings back sweet memories of my childhood. Those were the best guilt free days with my family in Jaysingpur, Maharashtra. Fresh coconut barfi is still my favorite Indian sweet. My mamisa (aunt) makes this barfi absolutely delicious and flawless. Enjoy the family owned recipe.

Beetroot Salad with Organic Hemp Seeds

I love eating steamed beets during breakfast, especially after a good workout session. Its a perfect brunch menu salad. If you do not have hemp seeds at home you can always substitute to roasted pistachios, pine nuts, sunflower seeds etc. Just keep in mind the nuts are not glazed with any type of sugar or salt if you are planning on cutting down any added artificial sweeteners or sodium intake.

Vegan Celery Soup

Vegan celery soup with fresh herbs. My favorite part, no heavy creams or milk to make the texture creamy.  This soup is incredibly delicious, refreshing and easy to make with no straining required.

Black-eyed Beans, Spinach and Fenugreek Dhoklas by Mamta Runwal

2020 for me started with amazing healthy eating habits and exercising regularly.  I have moved to more and more plant-based diet and less and less of processed food. I plan my meals around plant-based foods derived from plants, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and fruits. This recipe is a classic example of plant-based meal, enriched with protein, fiber and vitamin C. Makes a satisfying snack for kids and adults at anytime of the day.

Rasam by Sneha Jain

Rasam is one of my favorite South Indian dish when I travel to Bangalore, India.  Rasam is mainly prepared with tomatoes and spices.  Its served with steamed rice or can be enjoyed as a soup.  Rasam is absolutely comforting and a perfect meal during cold winter days for kids and adults.  My friend Sneha Jain makes the best Rasam for her friends and family.  Sneha’s Rasam recipe will truly keep you warm this winter and you will crave to make it often.

Sprouted Matki Salad

Sprouted Matki or Moth Beans Salad.  I simply love this salad because it makes raw mango and carrots so delightful to eat and the roasted peanut gives a nice crunch.  Its always my favorite for lunch or during afternoon tea time. This is our version of slaw with steamed sprouts.  Always a hit at any party!!!

Veggie Bowl with Pad Thai Noodles

Perfect lunch bowl with loads of Asian vegetables.  I love the products from Lotus Foods because the company not only has amazing stories to share in how they are making a difference to help the environment and farmers but they continue to pursue smart products, better growing practices, and delicious whole grain heirloom rice varieties.  Here is a simple, delicious vegan veggie bowl assembled in less than 10 minutes for lunch.


Hummus can be transformed in so many different flavors.  Here are my recent experiments in the kitchen. My favorite was the smoked Jalapenos hummus especially when I used the spread on the sandwiches the next day.  They are great spreads for kids to try with veggies, dips at your parties or can be used in sandwiches or wraps. 

Som Tam (Raw Papaya Salad)

My favorite Thai salad.  I use to love watching local food vendors on the streets of Bangkok pounding all the ingredients on a large pestle. I sometimes substitute the raw papaya to raw mango to make the Som Tam and it taste absolutely delicious.

Arugula with Persimmon Salad

I love Persimmons and Pomegranates during the fall season.  This salad comes beautifully together with all the vibrant colors of fruits and arugula leaves.  Its made with simple dressing and is one of my favorite salad. 

Mini Doughnuts by Chandni Daga

Did you ever wonder if you can make your own mini doughnuts at home? Just the thought of having those warm fresh baked doughnuts with shiny chocolate glaze makes me so happy.  When my son was turning 6, Chandni Daga (Krish’s aunt) owner of Cici’s Delights baked fresh doughnuts for his Birthday party.  I have to admit Bobby and I ended up eating most of them. We are so excited to share these perfectly experimented egg less doughnuts recipe for all your special celebrations or no celebrations.  I promise they are divine at anytime of the day.  Follow the steps carefully to master these delicious treats.

Pico de gallo

Everyone’s favorite Mexican salsa, pico de gallo.  Its fresh, easy to assemble and by far the most addictive dip with tortilla chips.  Serve the pico with tacos, nachos, enchiladas or anything your heart desires.  Have a backup plan to make extra batch when entertaining your guest.  This one disappears in minutes. Its delicious!    

Adai Dosa (Indian Crepes) by Sushma Kothari

Adai dosa (Indian crepes) is another healthy option to make for breakfast or after school for the kids. Its made with mixed lentils, rice and helps me add protein to our diet. I normally eat these delicious crepes after my workouts.  The batter can be stored for 1-2 days in the refrigerator. You can serve these with fresh coconut or chayote chutney.

Chayote Chutney by Sushma Kothari

I discovered Chayote in Bangalore few years ago when Sushma made this delicious chutney with hot steaming rice.  Chayote is a member of squash family. It originated from from central Mexico and now grown all over the world.  South Indians call it Chow Chow and its a common side dish in a South Indian’s household. This chutney can be served with idli, dosa and hot steaming rice.

Chilled Soybean Milk Noodle Soup (Kongguksu) by Jina Kim

My love for learning Korean cooking continues and here is one of my favorite noodles and chilled homemade soy milk dish.  This bowl is so refreshing treat for hot summer days.  I was surprised to see how easy it was to make the soy milk at home. I love the flavors in the milk which is accompanied by grinding small amount of nuts for an extra-nutty flavor.

Bibim Guksu (Spicy Mixed Noodles) by Jina Kim

When its summer we all crave for something nice and cold.  This cold noodle salad made with thin wheat noodles, mangoes, cucumber, iceberg lettuce and capsicum is just perfect on a hot summer day. Its one of the most popular noodle dishes in Korean cuisine and its perfectly made by my son’s favorite Piano teacher, Jina Kim, who has been introducing us to vegetarian Korean dishes.

Khow Suey with Vegetable Rice By Asha Ranka

Khow Suey, a Burmese delicacy is my all time favorite dinner meal. Burmese food is hard to find in in New York but could be easily made at home. It is cooked with numerous vegetables, coconut milk, noodles and aromatic spices which makes it flavorful.

Double Chocolate Banana Bread by Puja Shah

The recipe was inspired by several contributing factors, and as fate would have it, they all fell into a seamless sequence of the events, unfolding perfectly into the the black beauty that was this Double Chocolate Banana Bread with Fleur de Sel. [Read full post and step by step recipe on Joie De Vivre]

Thai Crunch Salad

Eat colorful veggies in your salads everyday. This crunchy salad with its peanut cilantro dressing is addictive during any occasion.  I love it with extra avocados on my plate.  Inspired by California Kitchen’s menu.

Fig and Arugula Salad

My absolutely all time favorite salad.  Inspired by the Good Earth cafe in Bangalore, India.  Its a must eat during my visits to India. The combination of blue cheese and toasted honey glazed walnuts is divine.

Vegetable Barley Soup

Barley soup can be treated as a complete meal. I love making this during rainy days for my kids and family. Accompanied by a sprouted grain bread. 

Kathi Rolls By Sushma Kothari

I love Kathi Rolls and find them so filling and satisfying.  Great party snack to serve your guest. Don’t get overwhelmed by seeing the ingredients and assembly steps.  Its very easy to make and most of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen pantry.

Zucchini and Corn Bites

It’s a must try appetizer if you are on a gluten free diet or looking to avoid bread. The key is to server hot.  If you like cheese please by all means drizzle on the bites or bake them.

Acorn Squash Soup

Acorn squash soup, blended with black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg and more. Learn to how to peel an Acorn squash easily and enjoy the healthy and nursing meal.

Shrikhand By Mamta Runwal

Shrikhand or Amarkhand is made during mango season in India.  This yogurt based dessert is my personal favorite when its served chilled during hot summer days.

Salsa Verde (Green Salsa)

We all love Mexican food.  I can never stop eating salsa at any Mexican restaurant or at home.  This salsa verde made by Chef Cesar is so addictive and fresh. Its appearance is also very tempting. This can be served with chips, drizzled on nachos, eaten with rice and beans, enchiladas, vegetable quesadillas or used as a salad dressing. It will make any dish taste delicious.

Raw Mango and Mint Juice by Mamta Runwal

Tired of the same green juices and smoothies? Raw mangoes are every where these days.  Try this refreshing combination of raw mangoes and mint, its sweet and tangy flavors will leave you quenching for the second glass this summer.

Tomato Chutney

When you see ripe tomatoes and fresh curry leaves you make tomato chutney.  My all time favorite chutney that can be eaten with roti, bread or rice.

Jalebis by Mamta Runwal

This Jalebi recipe by Mamta Runwal will rock your world.  They turn out to be perfectly crispy and golden.  We apologize in advance if you end up eating 10-15 all by yourself.  Follow the directions and videos carefully to master this crispy, sugary intricate sweet.

Quinoa, Peanuts and Cilantro Khichdi

I grew up eating Sabudana Khichdi in Maharashtra.  Instead of Sabudana I use quinoa or barley for this recipe.  Just be generous with all the ingredients and green chilies are mandatory 

Winter Stew (Complete Meal) by Nidhi Pandya

I believe that Cooking is not a Science, its an Art. It requires you to be creative. A little change here, a little deviation there from the recipe only adds more flavor! So don’t think you are married to the quantities or the ingredients, be bold and trust yourself!

Misal Pav

Misal, this Maharashtrian dish is my all time favorite. The best part about this recipe is its simple and can be made at anytime of the day.

Healthy Breakfast Treat

A good start to the day with a healthy breakfast is so important.  I love assembling these ingredients and treat myself to a delicious start to my mornings. Blueberry-Chia Seed Jam at the bottom, Greek Yogurt  in the middle and Coconut Cluster with sunflower seeds on the top.

Sorghum Bhel Gluten Free Snack

Sorghum is a versatile, healthy and gluten-free whole grain. I love the texture of the grain when its cooked well.  Sorghum also know as hurda in Marathi language is a staple food in Maharashtra, India.

Leaf Wrapped Thai Salad Bites

Stimulate your taste buds and experience the burst of Thai flavors in this bite sized appetizer.  Make this for your guests and sit back to see different reactions when they pop this spicy, salty, sour and sweet bite in there mouth.

Paan Masala

My favorite homemade paan masala for special occasions. It’s simply refreshing and addictive once you start eating.

Barley Bhel

I love Bhel its that simple.  Growing up our favorite afternoon snack was bhel with the family.  The more onions and lemon the better bhel would taste.  This is my version of healthy bhel.  Easy to assemble and highly pleasing.