Food Gossip

Let’s Gossip with Chandni Daga

In conversation with a highly successful vegan and vegetarian culinary chef, Chandni Daga.  After graduating from the University of Houston with a Supply Chain Management Business degree, Chandni’s heart was never in the corporate world. Her passion for baking overruled the job search and she started baking delicious goodies right out of her home kitchen. Chandni started baking at a very young age for her friends and family.  She followed her dreams and launched Cici’s Delights to provide “bake-to-order” customizable desserts. Chandni bakes everything at home with high quality ingredients. All the baked goods at Cici’s Delights are egg-less, as she is a vegetarian herself.Chandni always has a beautiful smile on her face and a spiritual approach towards life. She loves exploring new restaurants, cooking amazing meals for her husband, friends and family. Chandni shares her culinary journey, tips for baking, career advice for bakers, favorite restaurants and my favorite mini doughnuts recipe.

Lets Gossip with Bhelwala Mr. Mohan

If we had the nomination for best bhel my award would go to Mr. Mohan Bhelwala straight from M.G Road, Pune, India. I have to admit I look forward to eating the bhel more than visiting my family.  The street MG Road in Pune, is always buzzing, be it with lawyers, local shop owners, or tourists from different cities. Right amidst that human circus is a quaint stall that serves delicious bhel to everyone. He is renowned for his mouth watering bhel, great smile and humble personality. Mr. Mohan talks about his eduaction, middle class family struggles, and his passion for making his customers truly satisfied.

Let’s Gossip with Anela Pasovic

I first met Anela 20 years ago at my college library and her beautiful smile and friendly attitude caught my attention. We instantly became friends for life. Her positive attitude is highly contagious, she lights up the room at every occasion and makes connections for life.  Anela is fearless, courageous, powerful and risk taker.  Her confident personality towards life has personally inspired me. Anela talks about her recent venture, love for her daughters and how she balances between work and motherhood.

Lets gossip with Asha Ranka

In conversation with the conscientious, highly balanced and always smiling Asha Ranka, partner at Ranka Jewellers, CMO of "Chosen By Tejpal Ranka".  Asha has an amazing sense of humor and zen attitude towards every situation.  Her ability to take firm decisions, to...

Lets Gossip with Pooja Podar Jain

In conversation with highly successful, passionate and always free-spirited Pooja Podar Jain, principal and owner of Podar Jumbo Kids, Pune. Pooja is full of life who always finds good in people and positivity balances work and personal life. She follows and implements Infinitism is her daily life and school. Pooja’s thirst for learning leads her to travel around the world to attend educational conferences and panel discussions. Pooja shares her views on women empowerment, education system in India, importance of healthy eating for young kids and her favorite restaurants.

Let’s Gossip with Manon Crespi

In conversation with stylish, imaginative, and always elegant, Manon Crespi, former contributing editor for Éclat International and Elite Traveler magazines. Manon is a Model, who then turned her attention from writing for magazines to rare and fine jewelry some years ago as well, and now content producer for Manon Crespi Rare & Beautiful, YouTube channel & micro-influencer but always modeling. Manon has a balanced approach to her life in the fast lane. She is a career focused women, a dedicated wife and mother of four, and has the ability to remain graceful at all times. Manon shares her journey on motherhood, various professional endeavors, favorite  jewelry designers, places to visit in Boulder, Colorado and her favorite vegetarian dish.

Let’s Gossip with Puja Shah

In conversation with an amazing baker, world traveler, and young entrepreneur Puja Shah, founder of Micaro, fine stationery and blogger for Joie De Vivre.  Puja is a joy to be around and can navigate her way in any situation.  She is very quick at making informative decisions for herself and the family.  Puja shares her love for cooking, her two year old daughters favorites after school snacks, her go to cook books, and her list of best restaurants in Mumbai.

Let’s Gossip with Nadine Shubailat

In conversation with courageous, smiling and highly positive Nadine Shubailat, senior editorial producer with ABC News. Nadine’s energy is highly contiguous and always a gracious host to her friends and family.  Nadine shares how she juggles work, motherhood, marriage, and her thirst for knowledge. She talks about her recent diagnosis of Stage 1a breast cancer and how she wants to inspire women around the world to get annual check-ups.

Let’s Gossip with Sushma Kothari

In conversation with a super fast gal who can cooks delicious meals in minutes, a fearless driver on the busy streets of Bangalore, and above all her thirst for always learning new recipes and replicating them in her lovely kitchen. My dear sister-in-law (Bhabhi), Sushma Kothar.  Sushma has introduced me to so many different South Indian dishes and has left me wanting to eat more whenever she cooks.  Sushma shares her cooking techniques, how she plans her meals for the kids, favorite spots in Bangalore and her secret hot sauces. Check out her Kati roll recipe that is a perfect party snack and simply delicious.

Let’s Gossip with Julia Graham

In conversation with highly successful Public Relations professional, hardworking and compassionate human being Julia Graham, Vice President, Integrated Media at Weber Shandwick. Julia shares with us her professional journey, her inspirations, favorite cooking shows and career advice for graduate students.

Let’s Gossip with Sweta Jain

When I first met Sweta Jain 20 years ago at a house party she left an impression on me. Something about her was so cool and fun we instantly became friends. Sweta is incredibly versatile person and lives life in the fast lane. She is a dedicated wife, mother, businesswoman, and an amazing friend. Her outgoing personality and love for her friends makes her so special, she lights up the room anytime she is in it. Sweta talks about her love for jewelry, art, food and her secret hot sauce.

Let’s Gossip with Mamta Runwal

My earlier memories of delicious cooking takes me back to my aunt Mamta Runwal.  Mamta Mamisa’s home cooking was extremely satisfying for each and every family member. Her gift for cooking connected the entire family and made our summer vacations absolutely delightful.  Mamta Mamisa shares her passion for cooking, love for her family and her PERFECT recipe of Jalebi which is highly impossible to master but now with her simple step by step methods you will be able to conquer this Indian sweet.

Let’s Gossip with Nidhi Pandya

In conversation with beautiful, energetic and positive Nidhi Pandya, an Ayurvedic food and medicine practitioner and writer for Ayurveda Journal.  Nidhi shares her tips and tricks to get rid of hangover, benefits of consuming Ghee and her favorite recipes.